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Cotton Basic Bra

Cotton Basic Bra

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The Cotton Basic Bra is a bralette as we love: made from pure Peruvian cotton, perfect to wear all day as a first layer. It has a low neckline, soft elastic under the bust for better control, and soft contours on the arms and neckline. It also has a double lining, so nothing shows!

Fabric: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
100% Peruvian material and manufacturing

No clasps
If you are looking for more containment, this is the right bra; it is the one with the most containment of our models.
The back neckline is a little lower than the front.

Garment care:
Wash in cold water with detergent for delicate clothes
Air dry preferably (the environment will appreciate it)
You do not need to iron (and thus you save on your electricity bill!)
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